Will RYCEY Soar?

What are your thoughts on this stock? I am researching why they went from a high of $6.18 a share in 2018 to a low of $0.58 per share in May of 2020 (numbers from Charles Schwab website). Multiple sources cite that COVID was to blame as air travel and demand for new aircraft (engines) reduced dramatically. As long as RYCEY does not declare bankrupt, which is unlikely, as they provide a large swath of aircraft engines and components to the airline industry and recently entered into the maritime realm to diversify, there is room for big upswing potential when the world returns to normalcy after COVID.

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Actually not a bad find, that yield is insane at 9% for an industrial maker that I really can’t see going out of business.

I’ll need to look more at their competitors, GE is one, are there other engine makers out there?

Not familiar with that website, are they legit?

Good points, if you want to details on the company, its CEO, products, and history … see below.

This “Wikipedia” site you found is interesting… is it new?

haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, but a wealth of info. lol

All kidding aside… it actually is one of my go-to research websites for getting the basics of how a company operates. So many financial websites fail to give the full breadth of the company and only focus on small “breaking news” parts…