What's the best REIT for 2021-2022?

Looking at trying to lock-in some stable cash flow for the inevitable inflation, which REITs are you guys looking at? Already have a decent base in Schwab’s REIT ETF (SCHH), but I’m hesitant to overcommit without exploring more targeted options (i.e. single REITs).

Currently looking at the below…

Realty Income (O) - Retail
WP Carey (WPC) - Industrial/Warehouse/Office/Retail
Digital Realty (DLR) - Data Centers and IT
Simon Property Group (SPG) - Malls
American Campus Communities (ACC) - College Housing
STORE Capital (STOR) - Retail
Medical Properties Trust (MPW) - Hospitals


Good call. I look at the % yield and the expense ratios when considering the above. Why did you choose to look at these in particular?

Gave in and added a .25% portfolio position in a few for better diversification in thus inflationary environment.

Bought WPC, O, SPG, MPW (x3)