Tesla - 599,550 vehicles produced in 2020

Tesla published its production report, amazingly it almost hit its (previously) unimaginable goal of 500k/year.

Reading in between the lines, the real amazing story was going from 140k in Q3 to 180k in Q4 - in one quarter they increased by 40,000 vehicles… and they haven’t even brought online their Texas and Berlin factories.

I still think they are overvalued at this point, even with their meteoric rate of growth it would take decades of perfect execution to hit that valuation.

I agree. Tesla is a different beast. Their evaluation is very high. Car quality is good :slight_smile:

I love Tesla, but these valuations are getting insane… just look at these stats as of today:

Market cap - $770 billion
P/E - 1510x
P/R - 29x
P/B - 103x

Good article breaking out the “ludicrous” valuation…

So you’re saying… buy??? :rofl:

It gets even better…

I love tesla but damn…