Steal Alert ... The Long Game

In today’s world of immediate gratification, stocks can be frustrating. With Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon available for instant results and updates, patience is wearing thin, especially among the younger demographics. There seem to be two types of market players, day traders (instant gratification with high risk), and the rest who play the long game of compound growth over time, especially in the mutual fund realm. Which one are you? Challenge me if I am wrong!

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I challenge you.


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Lol @Thunder_chicken, always trying to bait Ace

Its simple - day trading is professional gambling, long term outlook is investing.


I’ve been day trading and done pretty well recently, should I stop now that the market it up so much?

My theory is that everyone sitting at home is just bored with nothing to spend money on… and is just buying stocks without any idea what they are doing.

And yes Tex… unless its TESLA!

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