Redfin Revolutionaries Part 2

After I look at the product, I look at stock potential. This website among others gives honest assessments on stocks. Check out this link to research and learn about Redfin. Take a look at the company, its market cap, sales, growth, and competitors. Take a holistic approach and don’t let the short term upswings cause you to emotionally buy. I try to always look long term. What are your thoughts on Redfin?

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Looking at Redfin call options right now… they’re at $75 a share today, so a $120 long call option is pretty cheap and could offer massive returns if Redfin takes off… The $20 call option is almost like guaranteed money too since its break even is around 50.

(For those who don’t know - an options “call” is a contract that allows you to buy a stock at a specified price, the “strike”. Great if the stock goes up, but also could be worthless if the stock goes down.)



What are your guys thinking? Which one would you recommend

Awesome graph breakdowns. Where would one go in Schwab to generate one? On the scale of less risk to more risk … long term investing - day trading - call options - short selling - casino gambling …