Real Estate Syndication

Has anyone heard of this investment strategy? Still researching, but looks promising.

I haven’t had any experience with it, you thinking of doing it?

Obviously spreads the risk among a lot of people, downside is you have a lot of people to coordinate with.

Depends on how you do it. You can work with a company as an accredited investor. You can also work with an individual who has experience. Both will work on the legal, technical, and property management aspect. All you have to do is invest money. The downside is that your money is locked up in th einvestment until the contract ends 3-5 years.

What is the term sheet like? Can you post an example of what general terms would like like? I.e. X amount for X years with X rate of return?

I’ll see what I can dig up and get some outside opinions from people who do this for a living.