Have you guys seen all the craziness around Gamestop??!? This is insane!! You have the stock spiking, hedges manipulating back, brokerages cutting off access, longs sueing, and people go broke!!

Insane few days to follow!

Yea its crazy… def glad I’m not in that stock on either side…

You can bet that there’s big money on both sides of this taking advantage as they can… the little guys of reddit are just a distraction

Robinhood just announced they are opening GME back to “limited trading” - the rollercoaster is back hah.

Staying clear away from this one…

I wonder how the SEC is going to navigate through this one?

Hard to tell… how do you sue a bunch of random people on the internet being idiots? And how do you equate the equal manipulation by the hedge funds trying to counter it?

It’s two stories trying to be told against each other.

I think it’s great that individual investors are up, I just hope enough of them walk away with their gains and don’t get knocked out with the inevitable counter correction.

More importantly, I think we can all agree that in the long term the ability to manipulate markets has to be eliminated, otherwise markets will cease to provide the liquidity that runs the world economy.

Idk how you stop either side from gaming the system though…