@Brian - still all in?

I have a small position. Down a bit right now and didn’t sell when it hit highs over 200 per share. I am interested to see where it goes when vacationing and travel open up fully.

We are going to have more travel sure, but one of the prime advantages of airb&b during the pandemic was that it offered space and no crowds compared to a hotel.

Now that the pandemic is over, hotels will be able to fully compete with professional services and better amenities.

I don’t think airb&b is going anywhere, just that hotels are a very real competitor with key advantages.

Agreed. However for families who want to save money cooking and relaxing away from a hotel … AirB&B is a great option. From what I’ve read, they still haven’t figured out how to tap into the single and business travel model. Another negative is that property owners who have repeat vacationers build repour and are now communicating direct and cutting out AirB&B … the middle man … to make more money.

That family vacation house dynamic isn’t new though (think of the North Carolina outer banks, which is almost all completely single house vacation homes for the last 30 years).

Airb&b brought that archaic and fragmented market together… and have also opened up new markets in non vacation heavy areas.