Agriculture/Farming Consumables Hedge Against Inflation (DBA)

Looking to add some additional hedge against the probable inflation we’re looking at - farm/food products seem to be a great fit compared to other consumables (i.e. oil, metals, etc.) that tend to go up and down with the economy. Food products tend to not be coupled with overall economic factors because people always need to eat.

The downside is the expense ratio is sky high at almost 1%. Also, its performance over the last decade has been terrible, but given that the overall economy has been running so hot it might be the perfect hedge against recession…

Expense Ratio - 0.85%
Index - DBIQ Diversified Agriculture Index Excess Return
Assets - $700M


I wonder how the inevitable inflation uptick will effect this stock (will effect all stocks)? Will go down in a recession coupled with inflation where people cannot afford to buy inflated food prices.