A Fight Worth Having

Found a Penny Stock (Oh No!) called DKMR. May have some upswing potential. Take a look and let me know what you think? Particularly the company model’s uniqueness, its fights scheduled, endorsements and contracts with news networks, fighter pool, and market caps.

It looks sketchy - how does an old mining company become a fighting company (DKMR stands for Duke Mountain Resources)… Also their materials seem way to promotional on the company vice hard facts, have trouble seeing how a company with “100s” of signed fighters doesn’t have many public fights…

At a 10 million market cap too… very very volatile, SEC could pull it at any time.

I wonder if the COVID and lack of in-person sports are related. Can you explain how the SEC pulls low market cap stocks?

Def pent up demand for sports… but now would seem the perfect time to have a sporting event thats made for tv - look how well UFC has done with tv contracts. I don’t see covid being a true hinderance for them IF they have a good fundamental business plan

I’ve never heard of this, do they actually hold fights?